Zoo Discovery

Begin your field trip with one of our education staff for an interactive hands-on introduction to the habitat or topic listed below. Your students will spend 30-45 minutes where they will learn more about the Zoo’s animals and their care as they prepare for their Zoo safari.

Zoo Discovery School – School Field Trip Programs

Zoo Discovery School programs support the Utah State Core Standards and objectives.

Program Topic

Grade Level

  • Conservation in Action — Discover Utah’s Hogle Zoo’s role as a conservation organization. We’ll share what we’re doing to make difference – for both the animals and the habitats they live in – and we’ll help you to discover some simple things you can do to make a difference both locally and globally.
All Ages

  • Habitats Are Homes — Join us for a hands-on introduction to the habitats of Utah, the rainforest, the Arctic, or other exotic locales. Your students will be transformed into field scientists as they prepare for their Zoo adventure.
  • Predator or Prey? — Meet some of our animals and discover how and what they eat. Look at differences between carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and think about predator/prey interactions within food webs
  • Amazing Adaptations! — Discover what makes a tiger a good hunter, why a bird can fly and much more! See and touch biofact examples as you learn about beaks, feet and other animal “tools.”
  • Let’s Get Buggy! — How is a spider different from an insect or a scorpion or a millipede? Bring your detective skills to learn the differences. You may think these critters are creepy, but many are amazing hunters and others help people in a variety of ways! Get an up close view of real, live bugs!
  • Animals in Winter — Ever wonder where the animals go and what they do to survive the winter? Come learn and practice ways that penguins, rabbits, migratory birds and other animals survive cold weather. Perfect for winter field trips!
  • Sort It Out! — Your students will become Zoo sleuths as they uncover the world of classification, why we do it, how we do it and have a simple introduction into using keys. You’ll get up close to some of our animals and discover how they are classified and why.

  • So You Want to Work at the Zoo? — This class is designed to help your students understand that working at a zoo is more than just “playing” with animals and scooping poop! Your students will discover the many different careers a zoo offers, the types of schooling these jobs require and what they can do to get started on their zoo career path now!
  • The Name Game — Is it all Greek or Latin to you? Uncover how the father of taxonomy, Carl Linnaeus’ system for naming, ranking, and classifying organisms works. His classification system has influenced generations of biologists. Students will explore the classification system and apply it to the Zoo’s collection. (This class includes some live animals).
  • Dental Detectives — Using animal skulls, your students will uncover what an animal’s skull can tell them about how an animal hunts and what it eats. Your students can really sink their teeth into this class!

If you would like a presentation on a subject that is not listed, please call!

These programs run 30-45 minutes. Programs are available in conjunction with your scheduled field trip.

Cost: Each program for up to 30 students is $50. Programs must be scheduled 2 weeks in advance and are subject to the availability of staff and facilities. We are more likely to be able to accommodate your request if you come in less-busy months – October through March.

Other special programs may be arranged based on staff availability and feasibility of request.

To Schedule A Zoo Discovery School Program:

Email the education department.