Utah’s Hogle Zoo’s curricula integrate classroom lessons and Zoo-visit field trips and outreach programs.

You do not need to be near Utah’s Hogle Zoo to benefit from these curricula. These materials provide teachers with instructional materials for the classroom that address Utah and National Science Standards and the national goals for improvement of science literacy. We also have begun developing podcasts to supplement your student’s learning along with supplemental curriculum for your classroom. Click here to listen to our podcasts.

Classroom Activities

Create a Food Web
During this activity, your students will create a visual illustration of the relationships between organisms and will learn the meaning of interdependence as it pertains to animal communities.

How Do You Measure Up?
Students will measure our the maximum lengths of a variety of zoo animals.

Recipe For a Habitat
This activity will inspire students to brainstorm the concepts that make up various wild communities and introduce them to the concepts of food chains and energy transfer.

Animal Observations
Students will practice animal observation skills used by scientists in the field or by animal care workers at a zoo or aquarium. They will become familiar with at least one species of animal as they record behaviors of an individual belonging to that species. Students will also make connections about animal behavior and other adaptations and how this relates to the animal’s environment.

What About the Zoo?
This activity will allow students to share what they already know and what they want to learn about Utah’s Hogle Zoo. It will also provide a pre-and post-assessment tool for your visit.

Investigations At the Zoo Series

Our Investigations At the Zoo curricula can be used during a Zoo visit, to help keep your students focused and enhance the educational value of the trip.

Preschool and Kindergarten Students
Theme: Animal Characteristics

1st and Second Grades
Theme: Characteristics and Needs of Living Things

3rd and 4th Grades
Theme: Animal Characteristics and Food Chains

5th through 12th Grades
Theme: Wildlife Investigations