Teaching Kits

Due to the inability to sanitize many of the items in our teaching kits, they will not be available for checkout during fall of 2020. Please check back after the new year for updates.

Kits may be checked out one at a time for two weeks, and are $10.00 to reserve. Kits will not be ready for pickup unless the $10.00 fee is paid in advance. Kits can be picked up Monday-Friday, between 9:00 and 6:00. We also require a credit card number as deposit against damage. If you have another kit topic in mind, give us a call. A variety of horns and antlers, coverings, bird feathers and nests, skulls, and even eggs are available for study of specific animals or animal groups. Please reserve custom kits well in advance.

Adaptations Kits

How do an animal’s feet, teeth, or hair help it to survive? This kit includes a variety of animal “biofacts” that are great examples of adaptations. Compare and contrast them as a class, then think of your own examples.


Africa is home to many animals that have become familiar to us through zoos and wildlife documentaries. This kit will help your students learn more about the wildlife of Africa and how it intersects with the people who live there.

Amphibian Alert!

Amphibian Alert teaches children what amphibians are and why amphibian population declines are alarming scientists and communities throughout the world. The amphibian decline dilemma represents an outstanding opportunity for educators to introduce into the classroom a real-world problem that is being addressed by science.

Animal Coverings – Kindergarten

This kit includes children’s stories, animal pelt samples, and ideas for crafts. This is our most popular kit, so be sure to reserve it well in advance!

Australia: Animals Down Under

Help your students uncover the mysterious animals that make their home in Australia. Dress a student up as a kangaroo or learn to play the didgeridoo. This kit includes posters, flags, animal photos, and more.


Uncover the amazing world of bats as you take away the myth by participating in the many activities included in this kit. Also included are posters, books, a bat skeleton, skulls, puppets and more.

Classification Kit

This kit contains biofacts from major taxa: mammals, birds, reptiles, insects, and more.

Climate Care Kit

Learn about climate by comparing the habitats, plants and animals of Utah to those in Alaska! This K-6 kit includes a variety of lessons to get elementary learners started thinking about our environment and what we can do to help.


Have you ever wondered how zookeepers help keep captive animals stimulated and using their natural behaviors? This kit will teach you and your students more about Behavioral Enrichment and its role in zoos. Enrich your classroom today!<

Oceans Alive and Coral Reefs

The oceans are alive! Our planet, mostly covered by water, is filled with movement and life. Learn all about our global seas in Coral Reefs and Oceans Alive! This dual kit includes slides, video, activities, posters, corals, shells and more.

Realm of the Tiger

Realm of the Tiger is an educational kit sponsored by the Save the Tiger Fund, AZA and Exxon to promote the plight of tigers. Included with the kit are information, videos, books, posters, biofacts, a tiger costume, and classroom activities.

Suitcase for Survival

Sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund and AZA, this suitcase is packed with endangered species information, curriculum and animal “biofacts.” Students have a chance to see and touch rare animal coverings while learning about conservation.


Engage students in hands-on science with a water-themed resource kit:

Complete with models, water sampling materials and more, the CI-WATER Teaching Toolbox is designed for Utah and Wyoming K-12 teachers, students and community groups to learn about water, modeling and the process of scientific inquiry. The Toolbox is based on four main ideas:

The properties of water, water in the environment, human use and impact, what do I do now.

For more details: https://ci-water.org/community/toolbox.html

To Check Out an Outreach Kit: For more information or to check on the availability of these resources, please contact the Academic Programs Coordinator by email or by phone: (801) 584-4551.