A Night with the Elephants

“A Night with the Elephants” – A Fundraiser for African Elephants

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Stream starting on Nov 19 at 7p! See the link below on the night of our live video feed!

Utah’s Hogle Zoo has played a large role in Salt Lake City’s history for close to 100 years. But the Zoo is so much more than just a place to make memories with your family.

Hogle Zoo is doing its part in the global effort to save animals in the wild.

Join us on Thursday, November 19 at 7p for a virtual Night with the Elephants. This special program will get you up close with our elephants, Christie and Zuri. We will also introduce you to the people who are dedicating their lives to the survival of this species in the wild as well as share ways that you can help.

The program also features many unique silent auction items including up-close encounters with our elephants. Go to Elephants2020.givesmart.com or text Elephants2020 to 76278 to see all the items we have up for bid.

Or head over to pre-order some swag by clicking HERE to go to Bonfire!

We’ll see you, Thursday, November 19.

To see more about the struggles of Gorongosa National Park and why this event is so important to us, see this special documentary by National Geographic below: