Jabali Baby Shower

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Have you heard the big news?! Our female Western Lowland gorilla, Jabali will soon be a first time mom. Help us take care of the troop in preparation for the new addition and grant a few wishes. Utah’s Hogle Zoo is dedicated to the health and wellness of the animals in our care and we strive to provide the best of the best no matter how big or small. From engaging enrichment to top-notch nutrition, you can play a precise role in nurturing our growing gorilla troop. Your support of the zoo is invaluable and we thank you for making a difference!

Who’s Hungry?!

Food, glorious food! Devouring delicious fresh food keeps our gorillas taste buds up to par. Kale, lettuce, vegetables and fruits are a few of their favorite things! We use Gatorade powder to help wash down medication as well as fluids for hydration, Low sugar, of course! If the gorillas are feeling extra spontaneous to try something new, we use small amounts of peanut butter as a JACKPOT reward to tell them that they did the right thing.

Go Ape Over Play Time

Our apes love to be intellectually challenged! We use a variety of different small food items and objects to encourage foraging and problem solving. A water jug can be used as sensory play by being filled with water or a manipulative enrichment strategy for the gorillas to toss around and create noise. We also fill PVC pieces with Jell-O to create tool use and keep things interesting!

Sleep Tight, Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite!

Nothing makes a comfier bed than a bale of hale with Kraft paper blankets! The gorillas will drape themselves with Kraft paper or leaf bags and sometimes even snack on them

Storage Galore

Our gorillas may be messy, but their keepers help maintain a sense of cleanliness! Storage containers help keep the place nice and tidy for both the gorillas and the keepers!