Zoo Aides

Zoo Aide volunteers support animal care staff in preparation of diets, cleaning of exhibit spaces, and assisting keepers in approved activities. The may also assist with the animal behavior and enrichment program.


  • This is a one-year commitment of one four-hour shift a week on the same day.
  • Typically 8 am-Noon schedule on a weekday; very limited weekend openings. If you cannot make this commitment, please consider other volunteer opportunities at the Zoo.
  • NOTE: There is no contact with the animals, although volunteers work in close proximity and can study their behavior.

ZooAideZoo Aide Requirements:

  • Ability to closely follow instructions, physically capable to perform strenuous work. All zoo aide volunteer positions require an annual tuberculosis test. Not recommended for those with hay allergies.
  • NOTE:  Positions are limited and there may be a significant waiting period. Volunteers must be able to commit to the following training schedule while they wait for an opening. There are no Zoo Aide positions available with Elephants.


  • We offer fall and spring training for the volunteer program.
  • Applications are due March 1st for spring interviews and September 1st for fall interviews.

To fill out an application, please click here.