Distance Learning


Our New Distance Learning program connects your children to Utah’s Hogle Zoo without ever having to leave your classroom! These fun, interactive sessions bring animals and Zoo education professionals on a virtual visit to your school.

2nd Grade – Utah Habitats and Animals

Join the Zoo’s education staff to explore some of the habitats found in Utah, which animals live in those habitats, and how to be safe around them! In this interactive program, students will discover just how exciting and unique the habitats in wildlife in our backyard are. The program includes video footage, live animals and biofacts — skulls, feathers and pelts. This program is designed to complement our iSEE program, and was designed specifically for the districts that we are not able to visit this year. For more information about our iSEE program and our schedule, please click HERE. This program meets the Utah State 2nd Grade Science Standards.

6th-12th Grade – So You Want to Work at the Zoo?

This class is designed to help your students understand that working at a zoo is more than just “playing” with animals and scooping poop! Your students will discover the many different careers a zoo offers, the types of schooling these jobs require and what they can do to get started on their zoo career path now!

7th Grade – Survival of the Fittest

This class is designed to be used after your 7th graders have covered the 7.4.2 Strand of the SEEd Standards.

Standard 7.4.2: Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information about specific animal and plant adaptations and structures that affect the probability of successful reproduction. Examples of adaptations could include nest building to protect young from the cold, herding of animals to protect young from predators, vocalization of animals and colorful plumage to attract mates for breeding, bright flowers attracting butterflies that transfer pollen, flower nectar and odors that attract insects that transfer pollen, and hard shells on nuts that squirrels bury.

Description- During this 30 minute class, we will briefly define animal adaptations. Then using one of the Zoo’s animal ambassadors as a talking point, your students will communicate the animal’s adaptations to the Zoo’s animal expert. Together the class will uncover the animal’s many adaptations and how they affect the probability of successful reproduction for that species.

To find out if one of these programs is right for you, please review the information below:

Outreach Policies:

  • This is a FREE presentation, lasting approximately 60 minutes (45 for the class, 15 for question and answer time).
  • Reservations must be made at least four weeks in advance.
  • Programs are available only on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • We can do three presentations a day.
  • Presenter will connect with you 30 minutes prior to your program to test connections and work on any technical issues that may arise.  Additionally, UEN may test the connection a few days prior to the class date.
  • We will need the cooperation of and contact info for the IT person(s) at your school.
  • It is easiest if we only utilize one room and have the children switch out. Please account for how much time it will take for the classes to switch.
  • Remember, if everything goes right we will be able to see and hear them, so ensure they are on their best behavior.

Presenters will need:

  • An adult representative in the class at all times during the program. The teacher is an essential part of this class and will be asked to help throughout the program.
  • This technology delivered program is done in cooperation with the Utah Education Network (UEN). You will need an internet connection, a video camera (so the presenter can see the children) and a microphone (found on most computers or web cams). These things are common on most laptops if you you do not have extra equipment.
  • During the presentation the teacher must be prepared to call UEN’s 1-800 number (800-863-3496) in case of technical difficulties on their end (no sound, no picture, etc.). UEN will troubleshoot the problems and attempt to fix them for you; there is no need to be tech savvy to do this program.

The following are NOT allowed:

  • Other activities during setup of presentation.


If you would like to schedule a program or have any other further questions please call the Community Programs Manager at 801-584-4551.