Daily Programs

Upcoming events

Elephant Encounter Pachyderm Program

Memorial Day Weekend – Until Labor Day*
WHEN: Daily 10:30am
WHERE: Elephant Encounter Theater
LENGTH: 20 minutes

Labor Day – Until Memorial Day*
WHEN: Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10:30am  – Weather Dependent
WHERE: Elephant Encounter Theater
LENGTH: 20 minutes

Nature’s largest land animals are fascinating creatures. They can take a bow, return a keeper’s hat, stand perfectly still to have their toenails trimmed, and much more. Learn More

Sea Lion/Seal Training

Year Round
WHEN: Daily 11:30am & 3pm, Wednesdays between 3 – 3:30pm
WHERE: Rocky Shores Theater
LENGTH: 20 minutes

Come watch our Rocky Shores keepers work with our sea lions and seals in a husbandry training session and learn about our amazing pinnipeds and how our staff works to keep them healthy and happy. Get a glimpse of their unique personalities, their adaptations for living in a marine environment, and what you can do to help their relatives in the wild. Learn More


Discovery Theater

Memorial Day weekend – Labor Day*
WHEN: Programming done throughout the day. Check theater for showtimes. 
WHERE: Wyatt Fricks Discovery Theater
LENGTH: 15 minutes

After Labor Day – Memorial Day*
WHEN: Daily 10am – Weather Dependent
WHERE: Near Discovery Theater
LENGTH: Varied

Visit Creekside, and enjoy a fun, interactive program with some of our educators as they bring out some of our smaller animals and talk about our BIG 6 conservation animals. Learn More.

Programming Sponsored by Mountain America Credit Union