Pinniped Training Program

Pinnipeds, or fin-footed mammals are more commonly known as seals and sea lions, are the stars of our Rocky Shores Training Program. Our seals and sea lions are each fed three times a day. Every animal is paired with a trainer to insure that they receive individual attention and care. During our feedings, the three harbor seals, and our largest sea lion, are trained first. When they are finished, the staff then works with our two young sea lions. The things you see the trainers doing with the animals are either for specific purposes or are just for fun. However, a lot of the activities are a combination of both. Conditioning an animal to raise up its flipper may look cute, but it also serves a purpose and allows the keepers to inspect the underside of the animal. As you watch the trainers work with the animals, try to think of how the behaviors you are seeing help our staff determine the health of the animals and how to better care for them. Check the program for training times.