Asian Highlands

Asian Highlands gives our Asian cats naturalistic exhibits with spectacular viewing areas for our guests.   

Asian Highlands opened in 2006 after the old Feline Building was renovated to depict an Asian Highlands village with various locations throughout the village to view our cats in naturalistic environment.  In 2018, an area in the front of Asian Highlands was added to house red pandas. Asian Highlands houses the following species:

AsianHighlands2All of the animals in this exhibit represent areas of Asia with climates similar to Utah and will be able to be outside in their exhibits year-round. Interact with of our 42” LCD touch screens to learn about big cat ecology and how they survive in such rugged areas, what they eat and how they influence the peoples and cultures of their native regions. One exhibit features a waterfall and large pond where visitors can watch a tiger playing underwater. Children can learn about the perspective of an older generation by playing and interacting in “Grandma’s House” while getting a kid’s eye view of one of our Asian Highland’s cat species.

AsianHighlands3When you get hungry you can enjoy specialty cuisine in our eating area, Cat Wok Café, with plenty of covered seating with great views.

Thanks to the residents of Salt Lake City for passing a general obligation bond in 2003, which made this project possible. Asian Highlands opened in June of 2006.