Rocky Shores

Rocky Shores is an extensive multi-animal habitat featuring bears, sea lions, seals and otters.

You can see up-close, underwater viewing of the animals as they swim through crystal blue water, as well as unprecedented views from ground level in a habitat depicting the physical, cultural and social landscape of the western shores of North America.

GrizzlyRocky Shores has become a “signature facility” for the Zoo, designed to dramatically impact and alter visitor perceptions. Guests experience unprecedented environmental immersion through realistic, cutting-edge habitat design. Educational information about the animals, what they eat, their behaviors and instincts and their future survival is presented through interactive technology and innovative educational programs.

rs4Rocky Shores is one of the largest exhibit ever created at Utah’s Hogle Zoo, and is a major step in its transformation to a 21st century zoo. The opening of Rocky Shores also marked the much-anticipated return of polar bears, in a habitat that surpasses guests’ expectations!

The highest quality of care for captive wild animals is a hallmark of Zoo leadership, which we will continue to demonstrate with Rocky Shores.

*Note: Polar Bears will be taken off exhibit each Wednesday beginning @ 4:15 pm. for pool cleaning.



The following species can be found in Rocky Shores: