World of the Wild

One of the best wildlife art venues in the state!

Annual Art Show

We held our 23rd annual art exhibition January 30 – March 13, 2016 and had over 8,000 visitors go through the show with a total of 20 pieces sold. 

For Artists:  Plan for our next show, the 24th annual World of the Wild by view a prospectus for the show, download a webform, or view the 2017 calendar.  We will be accepting art work for the next show on January 14, 2017 in the RendeZoo Room from 9 am – 4 pm.

This show was started to provide Utah artists an opportunity to display their works of wildlife and “wildnature” in a setting complementary to their work. This show has grown to be one of the best venues in Utah for viewing wildlife art.


The artwork for the 2016 poster was provided by Jerry Stickney and is available for purchase $15 (signed), $10 (unsigned),  online, where you can also purchase posters from previous shows.  The proceeds from all art show poster sales will go to support the Zoo’s conservation partner, the Niassa Lion Project.

The juror for the 2016 World of the Wild Art Show was Laura Allred Hurtado, the global acquisitions curator for art at the LDS Church History Department.

View the 2016 Art Show Pieces >>

View pieces from previous shows: 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010

An Opening Reception was held on January 29, 2016 where awards were presented to the following pieces:

Cash Awards

Juror’s Choice Award ($200 Each)

Bison Interrupted (photo) by Julie Robideau

Christie (colored pencil) by Liesel Bendio-Potter

Blue Black Grizzly (acrylic) by Ron Russon

Award of Merit ($100 Each)

A Wrinkle in Time (watercolor) by Pam Robinson

Peacock (pinecones) by Holly Juengling

Wahoo! 50% Off (ceramic) by Cliff Gekko

Honorable Mention – Young Artists Award ($50 Each)

Cute Owl (acrylic) by Jerry Jiang

Sand Cat Shenanigan (watercolor) by Daphne Green

Zoo Awards

Zoo Director’s Choice AwardIn The Bush (colored pencil) by P. Craig Ellertson
Zoo Employee’s Choice AwardWild Alaska (photo) by Brokk Mowrey

Gift Certificate Awards

Pixels Foto and Frame AwardImmature Red-tailed Hawk (photo) by John Speros
Bullock Frame Company Award Watching Through the Bamboo (colored pencil) by Sherry Florin

Utah Arts & Museums Traveling Pieces

In addition to the awards presented, the following artists had pieces selected by the Utah Division of Arts & Museums for their Traveling Exhibits Program: Leah Anderson, Eliza Anderson, Laurel Casjens, Aleta Cobabe, Claire Dowey, Caryn Feeney, Jenny Fowler, Jean Glaser, Jeffry Hansen, Cynthia Heath, Kendra Hitchcock, Jerry Jiang, David Lupash, Andrew Marx, Brokk Mowrey, Devlyn Reaves, Dennis Robertson, Frigga Ruscetta, Ron Russon, Chelsey Shuder, Teddy Stevens, Nigel Style, Maxwell Sueoka, Brianna Thaxton, Zachary Todd, Hailey Wilson

Congratulations to all our artists who were selected for this year’s show.

Dates for the 2016/17 traveling show will be posted shortly.

Here are the dates and locations for the 2015/16 Traveling Show.

World of the Wild Traveling Show Dates and Locations

  • Manti Elementary, Manti 8/19 – 9/17 (2015)
  • East Elementary, Tooele 9/17 – 10/19 (2015)
  • Fillmore Elementary, Fillmore 10/26 – 11/24 (2015)
  • Hanksville Elementary 1/4 –1/29 (2016)
  • Southern Utah University Library, Cedar City 2/9 – 3/3 (2016)
  • Wasatch Public Library, Heber City  3/8 – 4/4 (2016)
  • Kanab Hospital 4/5 – 5/3 (2016)
  • Jeremy Ranch Elementary  5/6 – 6/3 (2016)


Utah’s Hogle Zoo would like to thank the Utah Division of Arts & Museums, Salt Lake City Mayor and City Council and the citizens of Salt Lake County for their generous support of the World of the Wild Art Show.