Art Show

2014 Art Show

The Zoo held its 21st annual art exhibit February 1 – March 16, 2014.  This is a free show for all Zoo visitors with a paid Zoo admission.

For Artists: If you are interested in submitting artwork for the next show,  we will accept art work on January 17, 2015. You can view a prospectus for the show, download an entry form, or view the 2015 Calendar.

This show was started to provide Utah artists an opportunity to display their works of wildlife and “wildnature” in a setting complementary to their work. This show has grown to be one of the best venues in Utah for viewing wildlife art.

The artwork for the 2014 poster was provide by Bregelle Whitworth Davis and is available for purchase $15 (signed), $10 (unsigned).  You can also purchase posters from previous shows online.

The jurors for the 2014 World of the Wild Art Show were Marcus Vincent, Associate Professor of Painting and Drawing with the School of the Arts at Utah Valley University, and Travis Lovell,  Assistant Professor of Photography with the School of the Arts at Utah Valley University.

2014 Art Show Highlights

View all the pieces from the 2014, 2013, 20122011  or the 2010 Shows


An Opening Reception was held on January 31, 2014 where awards were presented to the following pieces:

Cash Awards

Best of Show Award ($250)

Audience with the King (photo) by Kendall Allen

Award of Excellence ($200 Each)

Black Rhino (pencil drawing) by Ralph Murray III

Escape Velocity (acrylic) by Jerry Stickney

Award of Merit ($50 Each)

Kerangas Forest Floor (acrylic) by Carel Brest van Kempen

Blending Giraffes (oil) by Carol Crane

Rizzo at Play (photo) by Heather Tuttle

Timpanogos Mt. Goats (oil) by Ron Russon

Piscis Iratus (fiber) by Carole Alden

Pfeiffer Arch (photo) by Jeff Beck

Honorable Mention ($25 Each)

Baby Giraffe (acrylic) by Annie Perkins

Panda (watercolor) by Hailey Wilson

Zoo Awards

Zoo Director’s Choice AwardAudience with the King (photo) by Kendall Allen
Zoo Employee’s Choice AwardElephant in the Room (woodcut) by Sally Rydalch

Gift Certificate Awards

Pixels Foto and Frame AwardSmiling Bear (photo)  by Patty Reay
Bullock Frame Company Award African Wild Dogs Hunting (colored pencil) by P. Craig Ellertson

Utah Arts & Museums Traveling Pieces

In addition the following artists had pieces selected by the Utah Division of Arts & Museums for their Traveling Exhibits Program: Kendall Allen, Elizabeth Campbell, Ann Charat, Laurel Casjens, Aleta Cobabe, Julie Dickson, Staci Hanson, Natalie Holm, Edward Johnson, Mackenzy Johnson, MaKenzy Lyons, James Olsen, Paige Perkins, Carson Ridd, Patty Reay, Ron Russon, Sally Rydalch, Scott Stanley, Jerry Stickney, Maxwell Sueoka, Heather Tuttle, Candace Van Hulten, Hailey Wilson, Ben Wilson, Anthony Woolf.

Congratulations to all our artists who were selected for this year’s show.

Here are the dates and locations for last year’s Traveling Show.

2013 World of the Wild Traveling Show

Manti Elementary, Manti 8/16 – 9/20, 2013

Canyon Rim Academy, Salt Lake City 9/27 – 10/28, 2013

Fillmore Elementary, Fillmore 10/28 – 11/26, 2013

Hanksville Elementary, Hanksville 1/2 – 1/31, 2014

Grantsville Junior High, Grantsville 2/6 – 3/6, 2014

Boulder Community Center, Boulder 3/19 – 4/29, 2014

Millcreek Elementary, Salt Lake City 5/5 – 5/30, 2014


Hogle Zoo would like to thank Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker and City Council for their generous support of the World of the Wild Art Show.

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