World of the Wild >>

You’ll want to plan a Zoo visit during our 26th annual World of the Wild art show, January 26- March 10, to see some of the best wildlife art in the state!  Free admission for all paying Zoo guests.


Prime Red Panda Time! >>

Red pandas returned to Hogle Zoo in May but fall and winter are the best time to visit. In the wild, red pandas are found in the upper Himalayas so they like it chilly. Remember to look up! They like to sit up high so they have the best view.


Wild Wednesdays are Back!

Wild Wednesdays are the last Wednesday of Nov., Dec., Jan. and Feb. We offer FREE admission to the public! This is our way of saying thank you for your support of the Zoo, Arts and Parks (ZAP) tax. For more information: https://slco.org/zap/about/


Wildlife Connections >>

Want to make a difference in helping to conserve wildlife and their habitats?  100% of funds raised from your up-close animal encounter will go to projects and efforts dedicated to saving wildlife.

Meet Our Animals

Get to know any of our, more than 800, animals.

You can browse our website for information about each of our animal species. You’ll be able to learn about where our animals can be found in the wild, what they eat, who eats them, unique characteristics, fun facts and much more..

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Adventure Travel

Join us on one of our exciting adventures across the globe!

The Zoo regularly sponsors safaris of wonder and adventure. For 2019 you can visit Kruger and Gorongosa National Parks in South Africa and the wilds of Mozambique!

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Join our team of amazing volunteers

Volunteers are an important part of what makes Utah’s Hogle Zoo an exciting and educational experience for our guests. We offer volunteer opportunities in many areas of the Zoo.

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Make A Donation

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Animal Encounters

Picture yourself face-to-face with a rhino, or feeding one of our giant Aldabra tortoises. Interested?...


Family Fun

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Group Parties

When it comes to setting a truly exotic stage for your special event, no place compares to Utah's Hogle Zoo...


Meet Our Sponsors

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Utah's Hogle Zoo is our community's gateway to animals, connecting our visitors with the natural world and engaging them in wildlife conservation action, locally and worldwide.