Wildlife Connections

YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  Join us for one of our up-close and personal Wildlife Connections and 100% of the money raised will go directly to help save wildlife in their native habitats.

Want to have a one-on-one experience with one of the Zoo’s exciting animals and their keeper, and at the same time help save animals in the wild? Our Wildlife Connections program is the answer. One of our expert Utah’s Hogle Zoo keepers will be your personal guide as they give you an insider’s look at the zoo and share their passion for the animals in their care. Listen to stories of the animals’ antics and personality quirks that will open your eyes to what it takes to care for this wild menagerie. Please see Rules and Limitations below.

Cost DOES NOT include Zoo admission!

Giraffe Experiences!

What’s rough and purple and up to 22” long? A giraffe’s tongue!

Get eye-to-eye and hand-to-tongue with these ‘supermodels of the Savanna’ during our public giraffe feedings from Twiga Terrace. Guests can purchase the opportunity to feed our giraffes  – a great chance to get the perfect photo and a quick moment to chat with keepers and our Education Team about these amazing creatures.


  • May 1st– Labor Day* FRIDAYS – SUNDAYS: 10:00 -11:30 am or until sold out
  • Special Events Family Nights and Zoo Brews – 6:30 pm
  • Twiga Chat 10:00 am & 2:00 pm Daily at Twiga Terrace. Watch as the giraffes get their daily grains and our education team answers guest questions!
  • Purchase tickets at Twiga Terrace for just $5 immediately before a feed until sold out.
  • No minimum age. Each person gets their own feed for giraffes and may not share with others.
  • Encounter lasts until your 2-3 pieces of lettuce/feed are gone. You may take as many photos as you like at that time.
  • Located at our covered Twiga Terrace pavilion.
  • Wait time may vary depending on the giraffes and their interest in eating.


Elephant and Rhino Feedings!

Spring – Fall Only, subject to change

Our elephant and rhino feedings have returned! Cost is $20 and can be purchased at our Guest Services window!

Feedings are dependant on the animal and if they feel like being fed that day. Check with guest services to see which animal will be fed on the day of the feed.

Date & Time: Rhino Feedings – Fridays only – 11:30 am

Elephant Feedings – Saturday & Sunday Only – 11:30 am