Lighthouse Point Splash Zone

Many of you have roamed our grounds in triple digit heat wishing you had a better way to cool off. Well now you do.

Welcome to Lighthouse Point!

Our splash zone is a big hit! Kids of all ages are enjoying the lighthouse slide – a twisty tube slide that gives amazing views of Rocky Shores from the top, with a fun (and dry) slide down.

The shipwreck lets kids pretend to be pirates – with plenty to climb on and a wheel to steer (great photo ops for the parents too).

Kids seem to be drawn to the tide pool where they enjoy exploring, looking for starfish and other critters. But watch out, the blowhole blows every 90 seconds. If you’re nearby, you WILL get wet! The little ones tend to start gathering around the blowhole waiting for the burst. The kids let out big squeals of delight as the water rains down.

BlowHoleP.S…. Parents, you might want to think about bringing some towels along next time you visit the Zoo. But bring your cameras too as your little ones are sure to have a wonderfully wet time

NOTE: the “splash” portion of Lighthouse Point will not be running during the Fall and Winter months.  The area will still be opened to enjoy, just without the water.