African Savanna

The Zoo’s newest exhibit will give you the sense of being in Africa surrounded by many of the iconic species that live on the plains of East Africa.

In Africa, the second largest continent, the savanna covers almost half – about five million square miles – and is home to the largest diversity of hoofed animals in the world, and the fierce predators that follow them. Now you don’t have to travel all the way to Africa to experience the majesty of the savanna – you can enjoy it all at the Zoo’s African Savanna exhibit.

Our African Savanna exhibit houses the following animals:


Lions’ Hill features heated concrete, cool grottos, and atop the hill, perfect rock perches mighty enough for the king of beasts – two males, two females. Floor-to-ceiling windows bring guests nose-to-nose with the piercing golden eyes of these magnificent predators with the Wasatch Mountains serving as a picturesque backdrop. The lion demonstration area is presented by the Les Schwab Tire Centers.



Rolling grasslands, dotted with trees allow the giraffe, zebra and ostrich to mix and mingle – much like they would in the wild. The pointed, thatched roof of Twiga Terrace, is the primary landmark of African Savana. The circular construction of Twiga Terrace (Twiga is Swahili for ‘giraffe’) boasts 50-foot diameter with a handrail height of 42 inches – ideal for getting eye-to-eye with one of nature’s most unique mammals, the 18 ft. tall giraffe. Twiga Terrace offers impressive open-air views of the Grasslands and Lions’ Hill and is located in the heart of African Savanna – the perfect vantage point for observing the rhythm of life!


The chuga-chuga-choo-choo of the Zoo’s famous Zoofari Express is echoing through the Savanna again as our brand new C.P. Huntington replica revs up. Parents can sit comfortably with their children in the wider, deeper train cars and enjoy a longer train ride wrapping between the grasslands and Lions’ Hill.