Up Close Encounters

Picture yourself face-to-face feeding a giraffe, or surrounded by bats, or taking care of the colorful birds of the rainforest first thing in the morning. Interested?

Join us on an Up-close Animal Encounter. One of our expert Utah’s Hogle Zoo keepers will be your personal guide as they give you an insider’s look at the Zoo and share their passion for the animals in their care. Listen to stories of the animals’ antics and personality quirks that will open your eyes to what it takes to care for this wild menagerie. Please see Rules and Limitations below.

Cost includes Zoo admission!

Look for new animal encounters coming soon!

Space is limited so make your reservation today online or by visiting our Member and Guest Services office.


$29.00 per nonmember / $20.00 per member

(Price includes regular Zoo admission)

A bird lovers dream come true!  Go behind the scenes with the Zoo Keepers of our Small Animal Building as they prepare breakfast for the animals in the Rainforest.  Then head out and help place the diets throughout the habitat.  Next, you will help the Keepers do their morning animal count and have a chance to see some of the unique wildlife that a lot of people miss when they come through this exhibit. Approximate Length 20-30 min.  This experience is designed for ages 5 and up and can accommodate 1-5 Guests.  Advanced reservations required.

Rules and Limitations

  • All reservations are final. No refunds or exchanges
  • Encounters are limited to available dates and times
  • All Encounters start at the Member and Guest Service Office
  • Late arrivals will not be accommodated
  • Service animals cannot be accommodated during the encounter
  • Some physical limitations cannot be accommodated
  • Utah’s Hogle Zoo reserves the right to cancel any Encounter without prior notice

Contact Utah’s Hogle Zoo for specific questions regarding rules & limitations.

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